Boho Skull with Flowers Full Coverage 5D Diamond Painting Kit

  • $39.00 AUD

Pasting Area: Full Coverage

Diamond Shape: Square

160 W x 160 H rhinestones - Approx 40 W x 40 H cm or 15.75 W x 15.75 H inches
200 W x 200 H rhinestones - Approx 50 W x 50 H cm or 19.66 W x 19.66 H inches
240 W x 240 H rhinestones - Approx 60 W x 60 H cm or 23.62 W x 23.62 H inches
280 W x 280 H rhinestones - Approx. 70 W x 70 H cm or 27.56 W x 27.56 H inches

Included in Pattern Printed on Canvas Kit: canvas with pattern printed on it, enough rhinestones for pattern, tool kit set 

Included in Blank Gridded Canvas + PDF Kit: PDF pattern* that is emailed through to you, blank gridded canvas, enough rhinestones for pattern, tool kit set 

Delivery Time: 7-28 days


* Pattern is emailed to you within 24 hours. Diamond painting supplies are shipped to you.
* Frame is not included
* The larger the design canvas, the more detail in the final product.