Custom Diamond Painting Kit - Pattern Printed on Canvas

  • $20.00 AUD

Do you have a favourite photo that you would like to turn into a diamond painting? 

Stitches To Stones offers custom charting of any photo or image. Simply select what size and diamond shape you would like and upload your photo and click Add To Cart. 

If you are wanting to get artwork of an artist charted, please seek permission from the artist first BEFORE sending it through. 

A mockup image will be provided to you after we receive your order for approval. If you are not happy with it, you can either choose another photo or we will refund you.

The Diamond Painting Kit includes:
* Full coverage design (drills cover entire design)
* Canvas with pattern printed on it
* Colour coded drills
* Tool kit (includes pen tool, tweezers, tray and wax strip)


* Frame is not included
* The larger the design canvas, the more detail in the final product.


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